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Martin Mears

Welcome to the

Berwick and District Camera Club.

We are a small but friendly club with members of all ages. The programme includes talks by talented photographers.

Advice given by judges in the print and digital image competitions can help you develop your skill.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, East Ord on Tuesday  evenings at 7.30pm.

The season runs from September to March.

Fees: Adult: £25.00

 - Under 18: £10.00



50 great tips




This webpage is provided by  Worldrover Travel Magazine Click to visit



20151105 elements course

If you are looking for help in learning Photoshop Elements  the illustrated step by step guide by Rick Peterson is well worth considering.  Click on the link or page below to connect and dip into the navigation bar on the left hand side

Learning Photoshop can be elementary!



Win a Nikon in The Telegraph's Big Picture Photography Competition


Click here to see entries to the latest one


Tuesday 3rd November

at 7.30pm


Member's Night

Studuo Photography


Practical Session

Bring your camera


Regional Repair Centre - repairs all makes of camera


Whilst they can repair any make of camera, their USP is that they can repair all types of Sony camera regardless of age and are the only independent agent in the UK authorised to repair Sony Alpha products.  They normally charge a £30 inspection fee (that is deducted from the cost of the repair if you choose to go ahead), however they have said that they could provide a unique discount code to quote when calling them to have this fee waived.  Consequently, if your have any favourite pieces of Sony kit lying around that they would like fixed or serviced then they can post them and get a quote for free.


Their phone number is 0121 789 9991

A recommendation for


Regional Repair Centre



History of Photography in 40 Photographs


Forty photographs from the National Photography Collection give an overview of the history and development of photography in the West, featuring key images mainly by British photographers.


Click on each image to uncover the story  Cartier-Bresson's famed 'decisive moment' referred to the point at which the action and aesthetic blended, to create the most impactful and visually effective representation of a scene.






20151116Forty Images

Click the picture for more information

Photography through a microscope, still life and high speed action, (catching a bursting balloon,)  were all part of the intriguing action when the Berwick and District Camera Club set up some practical learning zones

web-Learning-Zone-Group 20161018-1st-Print-Comp

The First Print Compitition of the 2016-17 season was judged by John Thompson.



The results were;-




GENERAL       1 Maggie Jary,

                        2 Michael Baron

                        3  Allan Brown


PORTRAIT       1 Maggie Jary,

                         2 John Tully

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite



                          2 Colin Smurtwaite

                          3 Alan Brown


LANDSCAPE    1 Colin Smurthwaite,

                         2 Bob Craig

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite


NATURE           1 Maggie Jary,

                         2 Martin Mears

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite


ARTISTIC         1 Maggie Jary,

                          2 Michael Barron

                         3 Alan Brown

The world-renowned exhibition, on loan from the Natural History Museum in London, features

100 awe-inspiring images, from fascinating animal behaviour to breath-taking wild landscapes.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year ( 2015) exhibition

is on at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh until February.  Admission free!


At a well attended meeting members were treated to an excellent presentation from Malcolm Kuz entitled "Ooop North"